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Truth time. While I enjoy designing, it is not my passion. My passion is people. I care about designers like you who face challenges from large online platforms that don’t prioritize your business. My dream is to create a digital marketplace that lifts up designers and is the leading platform to sell laser cut files.


Join our Community of Laser Cutting Professionals​

Talk Laser Designs is the digital marketplace for laser cutting and engraving files. Join us and grow your business with our community!

  • Start your store for FREE! No subscription costs. No listing fees! 
  • Earn 75% of each sale.
  • Enjoy our network of affiliates that market your products.
  • Set your pricing! Create discounts and promotions.
  • Get noticed fast! New designers get a marketing campaign to introduce them to the Talk Laser community.
  • Join the exclusive Facebook group for Talk Laser designers.

Designer Dashboard

As a Talk Laser designer, you will have access to your dashboard to track all your sales and views.

Search month-to-month or view weekly sales.

Easily track orders and sales with your sales graph. 

Track sales by product and more.

Easily Create Discounts

Run sales on specific products 

Generate Unique Coupon Codes

Set minimum or maximum spending limits

Run a sale on a product category 

Create discounts with a usage limit per code


Get Paid

Design and get paid with no fees! You earn 75% of every sale or 50% if an affiliate helps sell your design. 

Here’s an example:

Your Design: $10.00

Your Commission: $7.50 (no PayPal fees) or $5.00 if an affiliate helps make the sale by marketing your design.

You can request a payout at anytime. Get your money when you need it!


There is absolutely no monthly fee for listing your items. Unlike ETSY, we don’t charge you to list your designs. Posting designs on Talk Laser is 100% FREE! We only get paid when you get paid. We want you to be successful so we can be successful! Simple right?

Power In Numbers

As a designer on Talk Laser, you will have an army of markets to help sell your files. 

An Affiliate is an independent marketer who shares links to your designs on blogs and social media.

If the affiliate link is used to purchase a design, the affiliate gets a 25% commission on the sale.

Affiliates allow you more time to design while they help sell.


Here's the plan...

You make awesome designs. 

I attract customers with my promotional designs.

I focus on getting traffic to the website and your store.

I market your products to the Talk Laser community with social media, email marketing, and SEO.

Your profits grow with our community and we all win!