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Here’s this weeks projects to inspire your next project!

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1. Laser Cut Art with a secret


Fantastic work from reddior 4MC. Love the contrast and colors. Plus a nice little hidey place for a key! Beatiful!


2. Laser Cut Christmas Train Advent Calendar

What a unique project. Lots of time and effort must have gone into making this train. Love the addition of an advent calendar in the cars. Plus a car for a bottle a wine?! Get out of here! Amazing!!!

3. Wheel Of Choices

Having trouble making a decision? Where to go to dinner? Well struggle no more! The “Wheel of Choices” is here to help! Created by reddit user rawkout1337 didn’t show us what choices but that may have been by design so you can mix and match as needed. Either way a really cool idea for a laser cut project.

Bonus: Step by Step Process on Imgur

4. Maple & Resin Ornaments

I’m not great at colors and how to “finish” a project but these Islamic geometric rosettes are very well done! 

5. First Christmas Ornament Laser Cut Designs


I know I said no Christmas designs but I’m gonna throw this one in here. Love the contrast in the wood and acrylic. Fantastic designs for a babies first Christmas. Love it from Darryl Aspin!

6. Paw Patrol is on a roll!

My kids love Paw Patrol. We went to see the movie and had a blast. This project is right up their alley! 

7. Laser Cut Arcade - Raspberry Pi

I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing arcade games. This laser cut arcade brings me back to playing Mortal Kombat at  skating rink. Good times. Check out the guide on

8. Roller Skate Laser Cut Project

Since I just mentioned my fond memories of skating rinks here’s a cute project in that vein. Customizable roller skates! Neat!

9. Solar Powered Laser Cut Car

The future is now! What a great project. My kids loved this solar powered car! The reddit comments had me dying with laughter! “That one looks sturdier than the original!” Elon probably wouldn’t even be mad!

10. Laser Engraved Tree on Stump | Laser Cut Art

Beautiful multilayered design. Measures roughly 36×22 inches and took about 90 minutes to cut! Love it!

Laser Cut Project by: Foolishcoyote

Source: Instagram

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