Thunder Nova 35 Giveaway ($9900 Value) DEADLINE 10/14/22

Enter to win a Thunder NOVA 35 - ENDS 10/14/22

*DISCLAIMER* I am in NO WAY associated with Thunder Laser or Spin Customs. I just thought this would be something valuable to the Talk Laser community. If you win and heard about it from Talk Laser, I just ask for a shoutout in the interview! 😀


This is the second giveaway that Thunder Laser USA has done for a Thunder NOVA 35. The last winner was from Vancouver, Washington. Be warned this is a large unit so make sure you have room for it! The website does say it can fit through a standard doorway so that’s good.

Shipping is included for the winner and there is no purchase required to enter. Only one entry is allowed per person so hit up your friends!

Unfortunately, this is only for the USA and Canada.

You will have to do a live video with Darryl from Spin Customs if you are the winner and provide photos for promotional material.

Live drawing will be on October 18th 9pm EST on Spin Customs Laser Designs Group. I assume you will also get an email if you are the winner.

How to Enter

Head over to Thunder Laser USA and fill out the form to enter here.

Fill out the form with your name, email, country, and agree to the terms. That’s it! You should get an email confirming your entry (check your spam folder). Best of luck!!!


What is a Thunder Nova machine?

The Nova 35 is a CO2 laser cutting machine. It comes in an 80w or 100w and has a working area of 35.4 inches x 23.6 inches x 9.1 inches.

Includes an Air pump, water chiller, Lightburn software, and 2″ head, and comes with a 2 year factory warranty.

It has an optional camera system to “visually render” the laser bed in the software. It is not clear if this is included in the givewaway.

Optional upgrades include roller rotary ($975), ThunderCAM ($400), Hi-Res Head ($400), and 4″ Head ($300).

Learn more about the Thunder Nova 35 here.

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