The best laser cut Christmas projects – Part 1

New Design Collection

Designers on Talk Laser have been working hard to come up with Christmas designs for your next laser project. Here are this week’s hand picked Christmas designs from from

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Laser Cut Christmas Magic Keys

What’s a Christmas Key…No chimney? No problem! Print out a Magical Santa Key so the big man knows how to get the presents under the tree. This is a great scrap saver and people love these.

Naughty or Nice?

You know you are on the list. The only question is what side are you on?

Congrats Grads!

Celebrate your friend or family’s graduation from awesome things.

I love SPROTS!

Please don’t tell anyone but I don’t watch any sports. Alright, you got me. I love to watch bowling and it is my jam!!! Digging this sport set with a bowling ball. 

Grandma’s Batch

Customize this cute ornament with your own names and gingerbread people.

Ruff Ruff! (Dog Paw Christmas Ornament)

Now this is a reason to celebrate the holidays! My pups love this design!


Elf Surveillance

They are always watching…wait that sounds creepy. My bad. Love this!

Farmhouse Flortal Ornament Bundle

These ornaments are great for beginners and are a fast cut. Really easy and they look fantastic!

Earring Bling

You need more leopard print in your life. That wasn’t a question. Great file here!

Nativity Scene

Pixaroma does amazing 3D layered projects and you will love this design!

Customize this 2022 ornament

Comes with options for 2 to 10 hats. Add your customer’s names or your own!


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