The 10 Best Laser Cut Projects I found on Social Media This Week

This weeks laser cut projects include some really wonderful art and creativity. I’m sure there is a glowforge project or laser engraving project for you in this top 10 list.

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1. Laser Cut Dancer

Elegance. This project just blows me away. And he gave the file to the group for free. Amazing!


2. Jack Sparrow's Compass

What more can you ask from a laser cutting project? This thing is off the charts with detail. 

Source: Reddit Posted by Gold-Antelope7555

3. Nightlight Laser Engrave puppy dog

Dude, the detail on this thing. Wow! Really impressive.

Source: Reddit by Gareth711

4. Integrated Laser Cut Drawers for Ikea shelving

Mmm organization…so satisfying. I need to make something like this for my shelves. 

Source: Reddit by spammington

5. Laser Cut Wood Hammer

Stop hammer time! Sorry…I had to do it. Love this practical laser cut project for a small hammer. I like how they show all the steps in the video and how to glue it. Nicely done!

6. ClothesPin-Ups by The Laser Shark

D&D projects are always a favorite of mine. This is a really cool gaming screen found on reddit. Love the brick engraving on this!

Source: Reddit Posted by captnstoner

7. Laser Cut Gladiator with Acrylic and Black Walnut

Why does this look so satisfying? Really love the grain on the wood and the contrast of the materials.

Source: Reddit by knottedlace

8. ClothesPin-Ups by The Laser Shark

Stunning. I’m going to have to do a tutorial on this. Very detailed and creative.

Source: Reddit by Dontworrybehaappy

9. ClothesPin-Ups by The Laser Shark

These laser cut pin-ups are saucy! This is an amazing project from The Laser Shark. Check more of his work out on ETSY

He’s got a Facebook page and check out his Facebook group called The Laser Shark Tank

10. Laser Cut Dragon Keychain

Dig this yin yang keychain. Cool gift for BFFs.

Source: Deviantart by Moonyzier


  • cartonus

    Thank you for posting our project – The Wooden Hammer. Everyone can download the project for free on our website.
    Yours, cartonus

    • You are most welcome! You should open a shop on our website. Our community would love your designs! I would love to feature you on our email list!

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