How ETSY allows illegal resellers to steal laser designs

While on Facebook this morning I came across yet another post about how ETSY is allowing shops to steal work from legit designers. This happens far to often and is a huge problem for the laser community. Worst is how ETSY does absolutely nothing to stop this practice. 

Unfortuantely, you have no idea if a shop is legitament or not. Nothing looks wrong does it? Almost 10,000 sales. If the average sale is $5 than that’s $50,000 dollars of stolen designs. Look at all the people they fooled.

So why not just report these shops? You can. But ETSY won’t do anything about it. You think they are going to close a shop for your claim when they do nothing about Disney designs all over their website? Check out this designers thoughts.

“It’s so disheartening”

How awful is that? Someone copying even your descriptions. But wait there’s another side of this equation! Your shop can get shutdown without notice by illegal resellers stealing your work! The top seller of SVG designs for vinyl cutting machines once had her shop shutdown. She had been running a successful business for years and has almost 300,000 sales! One day ETSY gets a copyright complaint against her and bam her shop gets shutdown. Her work was 100% her own and broke no laws. Here’s a reddit post from her relative.

She eventually got her store back but it took a long time and image how many sales she lost? Imagine if she didn’t get it back? Years of work gone!

Ever see those mega bundles with 40,000 files? Ya those are all stolen or downloaded from free resources and resold. Don’t fall for those. Ever dollar spent on those scams hurts designers trying to make a living.

There is hope...

Since ETSY won’t stop this I will. This is why I made Talk Laser To Me. This is our place to support the laser community. We won’t allow these awful practices on our website. We are here to support you! So come join us as a designer and help us grow a real laser community. Open a store and we promise to be your biggest fan and protect your work!

Rant over. 


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