Glowforge Refurbished Price Increase

Glowforge Refurbish Price Increase

Better get ready to open your wallet even more for your Glowforge. Refurbished units have increased in price! Good thing inflation is under control…oh wait…

I read about this on the Friendliest Glowforge Group on Facebook. Look at that price increase! According to the author, Glowforge is increasing the price from $1125.00 to $1651.00 for a refurbished Glowforge Pro. That’s an extra $526.00 you are going to have to shell out. It does sound like if you have an existing offer under 30 days, Glowforge will honor that price.

Source: Friendliest Glowforge Group on Facebook

I also found a post on the official Glowforge forums. This customer received a recent price quote and it matches what I found from the Facebook group.

This is such a major bummer especially considering the financial obstacles everyone is facing with high inflation. 

Did you receive a price increase? Will you be switching from Glowforge? Let us know in the comments!

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