FREE Fall Sign for Laser Cutting

How to make this FREE Fall Sign for your Glowforge

This is a guide on how to make this FREE Fall sign from You can download the file here or check the link below. If you are looking for a fall sign svg file, then this will also work with other types of cutting machines.

This guide is for Glowforge but it also comes in a non-split version for larger laser cutters. It takes 5 sheets of materials to make this project at full size in a Glowforge.

This file is FREE for commercial use. You may sell physical products only. You may not resell the file or repackage it in a digital bundle. You may not share the file or post it on other websites. You are highly encouraged to share the link with friends!

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Unzip the File

Unzip the file. Right click and select “Extract All” if you are on PC.

The files for Glowforge are in the “Glowforge Split Design” folder.

It contains 6 folders for the 6 cuts you need to make. 

Upload and Cut your files

Upload your files to Glowforge. You will have to do 6 cuts but you can combine the welcome cutout and welcome backer. You should end up with the following parts.

  • 2 Backers
  • 2 Pumpkin Layers
  • 1 Welcome Backer
  • 1 “Welcome” Cutout

Apply Your Paint

I recommend applying the paint before you start gluing but you do you.

Glue the Bottom Section Layer 1 & 2

Glue the Top Section Layer 1 & 2

Connect the puzzle parts

Glue the Welcome Backer

This is the critical part that holds it all together. Make sure to let this dry and use a strong glue.

Add the "Welcome"

Glue the “Welcome” cutout and you should be good to go!

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